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v3 (Initial Release on 2021/08/01)
Copyright 2015-2024


Open source license

Bootstrap 5

Author : The Bootstrap Authors and Twitter
Bootstrap 5 is licensed under MIT License

jQuery 3

Author : OpenJS Foundation and jQuery contributors
jQuery 3 is licensed under MIT license

Clean Blog

Author : Start Bootstrap LLC.
Clean Blog is licensed under MIT License

Font Awesome 5 Free

Author : Fonticons, Inc.
Font Awesome 5 Free is licensed under CC BY 4.0 License (Icons) / SIL OFL 1.1 License (Fonts) / MIT License (Code)


Author : SpryMedia Ltd.
DataTables is licensed under MIT License (Code)


Author :
Since sns-logo-font was originally created for its own use, there is no separate license for it. However, each logo belongs to each copyright holder Backed Engine

v7 (Initial Release on 2023/01/08)
Copyright 2015-2024


  • MUstar / [email protected] (backend & frontend)
  • Saerin Kim / [email protected] (frontend & render)
  • TM / (contact unknown) (old backend & frontend)
  • Nari / (contact unknown) (old render)

Open source license

Apache HTTP Server 2.4

Author : The Apache Software Foundation.
Apache HTTP Server 2.4 is licensed under Apache License 2.0


Author : Igor Sysoev & NGINX, Inc.
nginx is licensed under nginx License

PHP 8.2

Author : The PHP Group
PHP is licensed under PHP License
This product includes PHP software, freely available from